maryweather13 (maryweather13) wrote in iiki_no_ki,

Had no idea

I really didn't know Yuki-sensei had started on a new series! I saw this community on the NIngyou Kyuutei Gakudan community so I got really excited!! ^_^

I'm still trying to finish NKG. I don't read Japanese so I have to either wait for someone to finish scanlating it or wait until they all are released in America! At least this new one is getting scanlated which I'm very happy about.

  • Iiki no ki is being scanlated by Aerandria!

    English fans of Kaori Yuki, rejoice! Aerandria, a scanlation group that translated to english some of our favorite mangaka series (e.g. Ludwig…

  • Volume 3

    Volume 3 will be out this December 2011, the cover was revealed on the Aria website:

  • 異域之鬼 #1

    Iiki no Ki's first volume will be released March 7, 2011. You can pre-order it here~ Hopefully we won't have to wait long :D

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