Sharing my work ^-^

Hello, dears!

A while ago I submitted to my deviantArt a banner I made. But since I'm not sure that all people on this community have a dA account, I'm posting it here too. Feel free to use it, just don't forget to credit. Oh, and I'm open to criticism, please tell me what you think about my work, so I can improve ^-~.

Had no idea

I really didn't know Yuki-sensei had started on a new series! I saw this community on the NIngyou Kyuutei Gakudan community so I got really excited!! ^_^

I'm still trying to finish NKG. I don't read Japanese so I have to either wait for someone to finish scanlating it or wait until they all are released in America! At least this new one is getting scanlated which I'm very happy about.

My weird theories

I admit it's too early to have elaborate opinion about the series as not much has happened yet, and moreover it's not yet translated besides ch.1. But I want to believe! To believe in a new long series, in Kaori Yuki's twisted mind and in a true interesting story.

I'll start with some thoughts related to the characters' names, then I'll compare the series with Angel Sanctuary. Please share what you think about all this, this is an open discussion. ^^

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