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Hello, dears!

A while ago I submitted to my deviantArt a banner I made. But since I'm not sure that all people on this community have a dA account, I'm posting it here too. Feel free to use it, just don't forget to credit. Oh, and I'm open to criticism, please tell me what you think about my work, so I can improve ^-~.

Had no idea

I really didn't know Yuki-sensei had started on a new series! I saw this community on the NIngyou Kyuutei Gakudan community so I got really excited!! ^_^

I'm still trying to finish NKG. I don't read Japanese so I have to either wait for someone to finish scanlating it or wait until they all are released in America! At least this new one is getting scanlated which I'm very happy about.

My weird theories

I admit it's too early to have elaborate opinion about the series as not much has happened yet, and moreover it's not yet translated besides ch.1. But I want to believe! To believe in a new long series, in Kaori Yuki's twisted mind and in a true interesting story.

I'll start with some thoughts related to the characters' names, then I'll compare the series with Angel Sanctuary. Please share what you think about all this, this is an open discussion. ^^

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Chapter 2

While waiting for Omari's wonders, you can check a Chinese version here. ^^ Kaori Yuki offered us a double color spread in this chapter. How cool is that? You can see it here. It's very colorful, I love it <3 And so it looks like the blue-haired person is a woman after all (if anyone was still wondering...). The furoku of this issue includes a DVD with a small pictures gallery featuring most of the published mangakas including Kaori Yuki.

Chapter 3 has just been released and it looks like chapter 4 will come next month. Aka no break :D
Btw, in case anyone wants to see how looks the cover of the latest Aria, you can check the official page:

[5 oct EDIT] Title page of ch.3 is available here! And Omari dropped the project.

ARIA 2010 10

Aria 10I'll follow Miss B-luv example and post too since there's new stuff in the air.

Here's the cover of the second issue of Aria, the #10, October 2010 issue out since Aug 28. The cover features the hero of Iiki no Ki, simple as that! Chapter two of the series counts 45 pages. I don't have the issue but if someone does, I'm very curious about the title page, and I guess I'm not the only one. Now I let others elaborate theories on the sign/letter in the middle of the red sun tattoo...

Also, in this issue new authors appear: なるしまゆり <Narushima Yuri> and さらちよみ <Sara Chiyomi> (more yaoi authors...?).

New pics in color

Hello everyone!

I thought someone have already posted those pics, since they're not that new, but I checked all the posts and the pics are nowhere, so here I am to bring you all the pics of this new series that leaked on web.

The first one seems to be a bonus image, and the second one, the first page of the chapter.

By the way, is just me or those outfits have nothing to do with italian outfits of a thousand and some hundred years ago? Sorato (if I remember it clearly, this is the name of the main character) is wearing a kimono! And the character of the middle (on the bottom of the second pic) is using an european outfit of just a hundred years ago... Come on, Yuki-sensei, you're so good at drawing consistent outfits for your characters, what happened with you ;-;? Such an anachronism is way too much...

To end this post, here I am with a very ugly simple icon I made:

Miss B-luv

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Hello dears!

My first post on this new community. Well, since nobody posted yet about the chapter released, here I am to share the link to a site where the raws can be found. It's here. OrangeGl0w @ deviantArt is the one that gave me the info. She colored a picture of the first chapter. Hope somebody try to give us an english translation soon... Maybe Aerandria will get interest on this new series... Let's wait and see.

For now it's only,

Miss B-luv